CEO Message

Dear Clients,
Welcome to KDB Tifa Finance.

KDB Tifa Finance, a multinational finance company engaged in investment financing, working capital financing, and multipurpose financing businesses, has become one of the forerunners in the Indonesian financing sector since its acquisition in 2020.

We are currently concentrating on reinforcing competitiveness of the corporate lease financing, which is one of KDB Tifa’s strengths, by integrating the vast knowledge accumulated through the KDB’s approximately 70 year-long corporate financing experience. We are delighted to have the opportunity to contribute to the Indonesian financial and economic development along with the KDB in the future.

We are looking forward to expansion of KDB’s presence and contribution to the Indonesian financial advancement by providing various quality financial service.

Terima Kasih atas dukungan Anda, dan KDB Tifa berharap Anda terus berkembang di masa depan.

Kim Kang Soo

Kim Kang Soo Photo