CEO Message

Dear Sirs and Madams,
Welcome to KDB Guangzhou Branch. My name is Young Soo Noh, the General Manager of KDB Guangzhou Branch

KDB Bank Guangzhou Branch has grown steadily thanks to the interest and support of our KDB Bank customers.

KDB Guangzhou Branch, since its opening of the branch in 2005, has been strong supporter for the Chinese economy by offering wide variety of cutting-edge corporate finance know-hows to Korean & Chinese companies operating in China. Moreover, in order to provide more sophisticated financial services to our clients, we have been willing to effectively adopt most updated financial systems such as High Value Payment System, Macro Payment System and so on.

We are proud that we took a resolute initiative by establishing a branch in Guangzhou, the heart of China's export and import, and successfully built up confidence for the past years based on the prestigious experience in China. We constantly look forward to expanding our financial solutions to facilitate our clients to enhance their corporate value

In the rapidly changing banking environment, KDB Guangzhou will make every effort to provide optimum banking solution as demanded by customers and by the market for many years and truly appreciated the strong and continuing support of our clients.

I wish you and your family a life full of happiness. Thank you.

Young Soo Noh

Young Soo Noh Photo