Corporate Deposit
  • Current Deposits

    Current Deposits are deposits that are suitable for your daily banking needs. Funds can be withdrawn on demand at any time and in any amount up to the full amount of the deposit.

  • Time Deposit

    Time Deposit refers to a banking deposit whose deposit term and interest rate are negotiated and determined by the depositor and the bank in advance. Clients are allowed partial withdrawals or advances against the deposits.

  • Agreement Deposit

    Agreement Depositis based on the Agreement Deposit Contract signed between the depositor and the bank, which decides on the terms and line of basic deposit withheld in settlement account. Interests of savings exceeding to the line of basic deposit should be settled at rate of agreement savings.

  • Corporate Call Deposit

    Call deposit refers to a kind of deposit transactions where the customer does not confirm the savings term and which can be withdrawn only after inform the bank of the concrete withdrawal date and amount.

Financing Business
  • Bilateral Loan

    Including working capital loans、equipment capital loans and project loans, etc.

  • Syndicated Loan

    Syndicated loan is a form of loan business where two or more lenders are permitted to engage in credit and loan business with the same agreement on ground of homogenous conditions to the same borrower.

Trade Finance

According to different procedures in international settlement, we provide trade finance such as advance payment financing, import refinancing, import T/T financing, forfeiting, etc.

International Settlement
  • Cross-border Remittance

    Speedy and cost-effective remittance services denominated in multiple currencies.

  • Collection Settlement

    It is a means of settlement where the principal (creditor) submits financial documents or commercial documents or both for obtaining proceeds to the remitting bank and ask it to entrust his relational bank to make the documents available to the payer and collect funds from the payer through connected or agency bank.

  • Letter of Credit

    Issuance of various types of letters of credit, including sight and deferred payment L/C,etc.

Guarantee Business

Guarantee business is a type of business that we provide guarantees in the form of L/G for the performance of the applicant's obligations to the related beneficiaries upon the applicant's request. KDB Guangzhou Branch can issue financing and non-financing guarantees. The non-financing guarantees including payment guarantee, performance guarantee, tender guarantee, advance payment guarantee, quality/maintenance guarantee, financial guarantee, etc.