General Manager Message

Dear Clients,

Welcome to KDB Hong Kong Branch.

KDB Hong Kong Branch was established in 2022 to strengthen KDB’s competitiveness in Asian financial market with KDB Asia Limited.

In corporate banking, we have valuable and long-standing relation with our clients. We are also providing high-quality financial services to them. Even after the pandemic hit, we have been trying to cultivate relationship with our clients and to keep supporting them financially.

And we need to focus in our main markets – Hong Kong and China. We are planning to enhance our funding capacity and acting as one of the main funding centre of KDB to support our own and Chinese branches.

Now, Hong Kong needs another transformation to maintain its unique edge as a global quality city. I believe we can add real value through our business, especially at decisive moment when they need it most.

KIM Sam Shik

KDB Hongkong Branch

KIM Sam Shik Photo