CEO Message

Since its establishment in 1997, KDB Ireland DAC has grown into a small but strong financial company in Ireland. As one of KDB Group’s networks, we have tried to provide the best value to our domestic and foreign customers and partners.

We will continue to utilize KDB Group’s outstanding business capabilities and experience to contribute to Ireland’s economic development and to revitalize the EU economy.

Now the world economy suffers from Covid-19 and people suffer from low growth and high unemployment.

We will try to help people in Ireland and the world who are struggling with these challenges and help them to overcome and develop them. In addition, as a Korean company in Ireland, we will help promote mutual exchange and cooperation between Ireland and Korea.

And we will always answer Ireland’s call to bring hope and future to the Irish people.

Thank you very much.

Managing Director,

Tae Hee Kim

Tae Hee Kim Photo