• Short-term funding market expertise
    • Fund raising activities carried out using the abundant local money market
    • Money markets between banks and markets
  • Providing diverse deposit products
    • MMDA, Time deposit, CD, etc
  • Securities Investment
    • Investment in high grade securities in the US Market and around world
  • Hedging activities of fixed income portfolio
    • Mediating derivatives for hedging interest rate risk
Short-term Funding Instruments
  • Commercial Paper(CP)
  • Certificate of Deposit(CD)
  • Interbank Borrowing
  • Deposit
  • Repurchase Agreement
USCP Program
  • Isuuer

    KDB Bank’s New York branch or the Headquarters in Korea

  • Program Size

    USD 5 billion

  • Characteristics of Securities

    Senior, Unsecured

  • Currency


  • Maturity

    From 7 days to 397 days

  • Issuing & Paying Agent

    Citibank N.A.

  • Minimum amount to be issued

    USD 250,000, which is incremented by an additional USD 1,000 for every increase

  • Credit Ratings

    A-1/ P-1/ F1+

* Issung euro commercial paper (ECP) for other currencies at the Headquarters and the London branch